‘Let Them Leave’ America – Trump

“That is why I say: If they do not enjoy it, make them depart,” Trump said. “If they do not love it, let them leave it. I am only saying it is their decision, they could return when they need.”

“I presume, sometimes, they despise our nation,” Trump added, doubling back on similar remarks he had made before this week. “And they are so mad.”

Before this week, the president tweeted that a racist rant clearly directed toward the four lawmakers, saying they need to”return and help mend the broken and crime-infested regions where they arrived.”

All four are American — and are girls of colour. Just Omar was born out of the U.S… The following day in a White House event, Trump cautioned his remarks, railing against the congresswomen as”those who hate our nation.”

In reaction to his opinions about Omar especially, people started into chants of”Send her back”

Trump replicated his prior strikes against Omar — among the earliest Muslim girls in Congress — stating she”has a history of barbarous Spartan attacks” and that she”reduced the Sept. 11 attacks on our homeland, stating’some folks did something. ”’

Omar has faced controversy because she came in office for questioning the U.S. connection with Israel, remarks some painted as anti-Semitic. The president was apparently referring to some misleading movie he tweeted April, splicing together remarks Omar had left footage of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. The movie pulled one line by an about 20-minute address Omar gave, stating:”[The Council American-Islamic Relations] was set after 9/11 since they realized that some folks did something, which all people were beginning to get rid of access to our civil liberties.”

Of Tlaib, one of the very first Muslim congresswomen,” Trump said in the rally she”used the F-word to describe the presidency along with your president.”

“With the large, fat — barbarous how she explained it F-word. That is not a person who loves our nation,” Trump said.

His audience of fans booed loudly when Trump said Ocasio-Cortez.

“[Vice President Mike] Pence went and looked in these so-called dreadful concentration camps. “All these people today come in demanding places. A number of them said,’We have never lived like this.’ They have air, water conditioning. Her speaking about drinking water from bathrooms, which has been a lie”

Before this month, both Ocasio-Cortez along with other members of Congress seen migrants held in detention centers in Texas. The congresswoman said that girls in a detention center in El Paso have been in cells and one said officers advised her to drink from the toilet. She condemned the conditions in the detention facilities.

“Cortez — they said that is not her title, I stated, I do not have the time to undergo three distinct titles, so we’ll proceed with Cortez,” Trump said of the New York lawmaker.

And also to Pressley (whose title was greeted with loud boos from the audience ),” Trump promised,” she believes that individuals with the identical skin colour all must think exactly the same.”

“She said,’We do not require any more brown faces which don’t wish to be brownish voices. We do not require black faces which don’t wish to be a shameful voice,”’ he said, apparently referring to opinions Pressley produced at a language in the current Netroots Nation seminar calling for agents in elected office to talk on problems confronting marginalized communities.

“Could you imagine if I mentioned that?” “It could be over. It’d be .”

Although Pence did not mention some of”the Squad” by title, he apparently referred to a few of their opinions, decrying”revolutionary Democrats who accuse Border Patrol of conducting concentration camps, utilize anti-Semitic slurs to denounce support for Israel, also always attack America.”

A few hours before the president arrived in the rally, Thomason Lawrence, a 20-year-old at a reddish MAGA hat in Harker’s Island, North Carolina, stood under the point where Trump would talk.

“He coulda worded it ,” Lawrence said of the president tweets concerning the four congresswomen. “However, if a person does not enjoy being in this nation, then they ought to leave. If you are at a restaurant, and you did not enjoy the restaurant, then you get up and depart.”

Lara Trump, daughter-in-law of this president and an advisor to his 2020 reelection effort, addressed the audience in Greenville in an hour before Trump talked, stating: “In case you do not love our nation — that the president said it…”

The audience responded.