Entire Buffalo Police Riot Squad Resigns In Solidarity With Suspended Officers

The entirety of the Buffalo Police Department’s Emergency Response Team has stopped with two officers that were suspended after pushing a protestor in solidarity.

The mass resignation of 57 members of this group arrived a day after movie footage emerged on the web of 2 officers pushing 75-year-old Martin Gugino, that had been rushed to hospital following the incident.

“Fifty-seven resigned in disgust due to the treatment of among the associates, that were only implementing orders,” John Evans, president of the Buffalo Police Benevolent Association, advised WGRZ.

replica of an email which Evans sent members Friday afternoon implies that the resignations may have been driven by concerns within the officers’ legal defence fund. Evans cautioned that for Emergency Response Team members that come up due to the protests, the marriage may not cover costs because of fiscal considerations.

“These officials did nothing wrong but implement an order in the [deputy police commissioner] to clean the Square,” the email reads. “They don’t have to be vilified and treated like criminals for just following orders.”

Buffalo established the Emergency Response Team at 2016 for the express purpose of owning a team of officers trained to maintain the serenity amid civil disease.

Captured by local press on Thursday reveals Gugino, a guy since they start to enforce the town’s 8 pm curfew walking up to officers at Buffalo’s Niagara Square.

2 cops push on Gugino. The officers ceased to appear while motionless and bleeding lies and guide them to keep walking.

The experience hospitalised Gugino, that had been in serious but stable state on Friday morning.