‘I’m a lifelong body-hater’ – Christopher Eccleston

Christopher Eccleston has shown he has fought with anorexia for a long time and at one stage.

Writing in his brand new novel, I really like the Bones of You, ” the celebrity explained himself as a”lifelong body-hater”, stating he had been”very sick” with the illness whilst filming Doctor Who.

The 55-year-old played with the Doctor in 2005 throughout the resurrection of the show.

He said he has never disclosed his battle since it is not exactly what class men do.

“Many times I have wanted to show that I am a lifelong enthusiasm and dysmorphic,” he wrote.

I thought of it as a filthy key, since I am northern since I am a man and since I am working class”

After splitting from his wife Mischka in 2015 the father-of-two was diagnosed and states it was that he considered taking his own life.

“I had been in a condition of intense stress, convinced I was going to die or I was going to kill myself” composed the celebrity, who had been operating on the BBC drama The A Word at the moment.

He added: “In my grief, I reached for my phone and appeared a psychiatric clinic, I rang forward, grabbed my purse and ran.”

Eccleston had been prescribed antidepressants that he admits he would be on” to the remainder of my days”, however, he’d love to”decrease the dose” as he is feared the medication could”deaden my creative side”.

A spokesperson for Conquer stated: “It requires a whole lot of guts to speak out about an eating disorder.

“Doing this can help to fight the stigma and misunderstanding that exists about these significant mental disorders, particularly for boys and men. We expect that Christopher has obtained the help he needed and his bravery will inspire others to look for aid, as we are aware that the sooner somebody will get help for an eating disorder, the better his odds of recovery.”