China Condemns Hong Kong Incident

China has condemned the current anti-government protests in Hong Kong as”dreadful incidents” which have resulted in”serious harm to the principle of law”.

The remarks marked a rare intervention from the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office [HKMAO].

The town has seen eight weekends of protests.

Barricades were erected at many places in town.

Although police in Beijing have resisted the protests and reiterated their support for Hong Kong’s leader Carrie Lam on many events, Monday’s intervention is seen as dispersing the official opinions of China’s top leadership to the civic unrest for the very first time.

A spokesman for the HKMAO, Yang Guang, condemned what he called the”criminal and evil acts perpetrated by the revolutionary elements” in Hong Kong.

“We call on the general public of Hong Kong to know about the grave nature of the present scenario,” he said in the news conference.

Spokeswoman Xu Luying added:”We also believe that Hong Kong’s top priority… is to penalize unlawful and violent acts in line with the legislation, to restore social order whenever possible, and also to keep up a fantastic business environment”

The workplace

  • Reiterated the Chinese authorities”strongly” supports the direction from Hong Kong
  • Called about the people of Hong Kong to”clearly oppose and resist violence”
  • Expressed support to the town’s police force
  • Blamed the escalating tensions on”reckless figures in Western nations”

The police have installed a protective casing around the signal.

As a former British colony, Hong Kong has its own judicial and legal processes, and has been guaranteed”a high level of autonomy” in the Chinese authorities except in foreign and defence affairs.

Claudia Mo, a Hong Kong legislator who supports the protest movement,” said Beijing’s latest remarks could provoke additional unrest.

“I am so concerned what occurred in Beijing now [will] really help fan the flame,” she told the BBC. “The way that they state they resolutely… service Carrie Lam along with the police force. They’re attempting to split Hong Kong.”

Bruce Lui, a senior journalism lecturer at the Hong Kong Baptist University, said that he couldn’t remember a press conference about Hong Kong being predicted from the HKMAO.

“Beijing is repeating exactly what it’s stated before. “However, when asked about the installation of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops, the spokesperson revealed a somewhat distant mindset.”

Even though PLA troops have been stationed in Hong Kong, they aren’t anticipated to interfere in neighborhood difficulties. However, the law does allow Hong Kong’s authorities to ask help in the PLA for the purposes of preserving public order or disaster relief.